One Warrior at a Time

America’s combat veterans face a different kind of battle when they come home, and many become casualties of this battle. In fact, a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs study estimated that as many as 22 veterans end their own lives every day (1).
For nearly a thousand veterans, Operation Restored Warrior has stepped into the gap, rescuing, rebuilding and restoring our most at-risk veterans.
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Are you a veteran struggling with the long-term effects of combat? Are you the loved one of a veteran, perhaps a spouse, parent, sibling or friend? Or, are you a person of resources and influence– passionate to make an impact in the lives of these men and women? Operation Restored Warrior is for you.




Rescue Others

One Encounter at a Time

Drop Zone: A Life-Changing Encounter

  • Happens in an inspiring setting,

    ORW’s events are hosted in beautiful and engaging venues in Colorado and Lake Tahoe, California, and include activities like fly fishing, trap shooting, hiking and other outdoor activities. An on-site, award-winning chef prepares first class meals.

  • With men who've walked the warriors' path,

    While the men we work with come from all faiths and walks of life, each warrior experiences the Drop Zone alongside men who have walked the same or very similar paths as a veteran. As a result, the ORW team and other men attending the Drop Zone share a deep bond and understand the veteran’s unique challenges.

  • Leading to a personally life-changing encounter.

    At ORW, we believe that “psychology reveals, but Jesus heals.” This deep conviction and the experiences of seeing Jesus heal hundreds of men over the past 10 years makes the Drop Zone a singularly unique and life-changing experience with other men and Jesus.

A Warrior’s Story Is Sacred

Inspiring Interviews of Restored Warriors.

Alex, U.S. Army

Special Forces

“I had buddies die. I saw that. Had close calls myself. The toughest things were the guys that we lost.”

Charlie, U.S. Army

Medic, Vietnam

“After 7 months, I came to the conclusion there was no God– not with that kind of death & destruction.”

Andy, U.S. Navy

Seal Team

“One of the greatest hurdles I had to overcome during my recovery was forgiveness.”

Roy, U.S. Army

Infantry, Vietnam

“I trusted no one. I had no friends whatsoever, for probably some 40 years.”


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