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Men’s Drop Zone Online Program

Dear Friend,

We offer this course for free, and prayerfully encourage you to “pay it forward” so many others can continue to enjoy this resource. You may make a small donation of any size by clicking here to help us keep this important program free for all. If you are moved to pay for another person, or two, to experience this course click on the “Pay it Forward” button below. Suggested price for 1 is $59, or $99 for 2.

Operation Restoration offers an opportunity for you to address the deeper issues in your life that have prevented you from living in freedom. This is different from a treatment program. All of the content will address spiritual issues that are behind any addiction or struggle you may be facing.

You will be going through a series of lessons here in this course and supplemental exercises in the accompanying Restoration Guides (available to print in the first module of each lesson) based on the content shared in the video sessions. The information you record in this guide is between you and Jesus.

Be completely honest, open, and reflective as you complete the course and the exercises. Scripture tells us in 1 John 1:7 that when we, “Walk in the light as He is in the light…” we not only have connection with one another, but we open the door for healing and forgiveness from Jesus.

We encourage you to keep your heart open and trust Jesus to set you free. If you do that, you will be in a completely different place by the time this program comes to completion.

You Are in His Grip!
The OR Team


This course is segmented into a series of Lessons, each with supplemental materials and interactive exercises.

Lessons will open in a new window of your browser. To move to the next Lesson upon completion, return to your Course Dashboard window and then select ‘Next Lesson’ and ‘Begin Lesson.’

For the optimal experience, use a device that has access to high-speed internet. You may also need to print off some materials that will be used in exercises throughout the program.

If you experience any technical issues, such as the course not progressing properly or requiring you to sign out and log back in to continue, please try using a different internet browser such as Google Chrome, as some browsers do not support the functionality as smoothly as others.