Dear Friends and Allies,

Throughout 2018, Operation Restored Warrior conducted monthly Drop Zones in which our nation’s veterans had their hearts restored from the effects of war. Because of their restoration, upon returning home from the Drop Zones, they are able to live a full life as husbands, fathers, sons and followers of Jesus and continue to take back ground for their families and the Kingdom.

I would like to share with you two testimonies written by ORW alumni. The first one is from an Army Master Sergeant who has had five combat deployments…

“I came to ORW as a final resort for help because I promised my wife that I would seek out all means possible for help before I ended my life. She found out about ORW and asked me to attend. I have been in numerous counseling programs to include inpatient VA facilities and none of these therapies got me out of my very deep and dark hole. I’ve taken so many drugs and they just numbed the pain but never healed me. As the days went by at my Drop Zone, I began to feel a ray of hope, something that was so far removed from my life prior to attending. Words cannot describe or do justice for what happened to me on the third day, the healing day that changed my life for good. On behalf of me and my family, thank you for saving my life. You are doing amazing work for the veterans. May Jesus continue to bless you and your work.”

The second testimony is from a Marine Staff Sergeant (Ret) with three combat deployments…

“Gentlemen, I celebrate my one year anniversary of my Drop Zone and my walk with Jesus. This time last year I was going to commit suicide. My goal was to spend Christmas with the family and do it after. I had a plan of action. Troy (my former 1st Sergeant and ORW alumni), Jesus pushed you to help me and it worked. This has been the best year of my life! Thanks to ORW. Thank you for introducing me to Jesus. God bless your team and thank you for giving me my life back. There are thousands more that need your life-saving program.”

As you can see, ORW has made a significant impact on these veterans lives and because of ORW’s success rate with restoring our veterans, ORW has received national attention. Earlier this year, I was invited to talk about ORW’s answer to the veteran suicide epidemic on Brian Kilmeade’s FOX Radio Program (host of FOX & Friends), Eric Metaxas Radio Program (bestselling author), and Sean Hannity’s FOX Radio Program for Veterans Day.

Operation Restored Warrior has a solid foundation with the addition of a new two- phased facilitator training program that has produced nine new alumni facilitators and added to our already exceptional team. With the foundation firmly set and after much prayer and hearing from Jesus, ORW is ready to launch two additional life- changing programs in an effort to extinguish the epidemic of 22 veteran suicides daily beginning in 2019. First, a Two-Day Life Relaunch Experience program has been developed and tested to reach additional warriors that will be run by ORW alumni on a national scale in their local communities. Lastly, after much consideration and development, an Operation Restored Women’s (ORW) program has been developed to restore the hearts of our female veterans and the wives of veterans.

During 2018, ORW has impacted nearly 100 veterans and their families, but the need is still great. Thousands of veterans are barely holding on to life. The cost for one veteran to attend a Five-Day Drop Zone is approximately $2,000. The cost for a veteran to attend the new Two-Day Life Relaunch Experience program will be approximately $300. We anticipate the same cost of $300 per attendee for the Operation Restored Women’s program.

Every veteran who has attended our Five-Day Drop Zone has received restoration through the power and promise of Jesus. With much prayer and with our additional programs ready for the new year, we are seeking to raise $100,000 by December 31st. Would you please consider making a year-end financial contribution today to help us reach and restore more warriors and reverse this suicide epidemic that has our military veterans in its grip?

Again, your year-end gift of $2,000 will fund a warrior to attend our Five-Day Drop Zone and a gift of $300 will support a veteran to attend our Two-Day Life Relaunch Experience program. Your kind generosity of any amount will allow us to save the lives of the very veterans who have sacrificed so much of their lives to protect us and our national interests.

On behalf of nearly one thousand veteran alumni and their families over these past ten years, thank you for your remarkably selfless generosity to ORW and our mission “To Save One More Veteran”. Together, we are making a difference and saving lives.

May Jesus continue to bless you with His abundance as we celebrate His birth on Christmas Day.

In His Grip,

Paul Lavelle, CMSgt, USAF (Ret), MSC Founder/President, Operation Restored Warrior