Mens Spiritual Journey Registration Confirmed

Your registration for Operation Restoration Mens Spiritual Journey online course is confirmed. Please check your email to activate your registration. You will then be taken to the 1st lesson start page.

You will be going through a series of lessons in this course and supplemental exercises in the accompanying Restoration Guides (available to print in the first module of each lesson) based on the content shared in the video sessions. The information you record in this guide is between you and Jesus.


Men’s Veterans Drop Zone

Women’s Veterans Drop Zone

Executive Leadership Program

NFL Players’ and Coaches’ Program

First Responders & Police Program

All of the Operation Restored Warrior programs offer an important relational environment, and bring life-long change to participants. While life might still be a challenge for Drop Zone grads, it’s important to know that ORW has a 100% success rate restoring veteran warriors.