Men’s Drop Zone Online Program Registration Confirmed

Your registration for Operation Restoration’s Men’s Drop Zone Online Program  course was successful! You’ll receive a secondary email to activate your registration. While the secondary email should land in your main inbox you gave us, if you don’t see the email there, please check your email’s spam or junk folder.

This program is a self-guided, Holy Spirit led course that is broken down into several lessons. As you progress through each lesson, your heart will get better prepared to receive the healing Jesus has for you. Each lesson must be completed in order before moving on to the next one, as they build on each other. At the beginning of some of the lessons, there is accompanying exercises from the Restoration Guide for you to print out. These are a critical part of the curriculum for you to get all that you can out of the program. Be expectant to receive what Jesus has for you!


Men’s Veterans Drop Zone

Women’s Veterans Drop Zone

Executive Leadership Program

NFL Players’ and Coaches’ Program

First Responders & Police Program

All of the Operation Restored Warrior programs offer an important relational environment, and bring life-long change to participants. While life might still be a challenge for Drop Zone grads, it’s important to know that ORW has a 100% success rate restoring veteran warriors.