We Are Veteran Warriors & Those Who Stand With Them.

As a veteran, you understand the weight that our Armed Forces men and women have carried upon their shoulders to secure and sustain the freedoms we cherish as a nation.


But the mental health consequences of combat are just now being understood by mental health professionals. Only since 1980 has the American Psychological Association recognized PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Combat Related Stress (CRS) as a diagnosis.


Today, the VA indicates that lifetime PTSD prevalence rates are 3.6% and 9.7% respectively among American men and women (1). In addition to the psychological impact, we also understand physically wounded warriors face steep roads to recovery. The result is alarming rates of suicide and an untold number of veteran warriors suffering in the shadows, along with their families and friends who struggle to help them.


The battles are real and the life wounds often deep. While elusive, the clear path to restoration can now be found in the process, programs and resources of Operation Restored Warrior.

The ORW Icon, which represents the vision to see veteran warriors experience healing, restoration and freedom, was inspired by the Scripture, Revelation 1:12-16.

Hear Paul Lavelle Describe ORW

In excerpts from this CBN news story on ORW, hear about how founder Paul Lavelle began ORW, its purpose and why it is effective with veteran warriors.


ORW is open to all faiths and brings together mission, healing and ministry to places and memories within the warrior’s heart that need the hope, the healing and the power of Jesus through our experiential, wilderness-set “counterattacks.”

Excerpts from CBN's Story on ORW

What to Expect from ORW

Fellow Warriors

The ORW team is made up exclusively of veterans who have walked similar paths as the veteran warriors we reach.


ORW’s programs honor and respect each veteran warrior’s individuality, providing a confidential and safe environment to bring one’s whole self to the process.

First Class Experiences

Every ORW program is designed to provide a life-impacting experience because it is our desire to honor our veteran warriors who’ve made sacrifices on behalf of others.

Ongoing Support

ORW provides ongoing support following a veteran warrior’s experience with our programs and resources. We seek to build a life-long friendship and brotherhood on a different battlefield, the one of purpose, healing and freedom.

Family Supporting

All ORW programs and resources recognize the veteran warrior’s whole life, including spouse, family, friends, community and work. Our commitment is to support the veteran and family.


We understand that Jesus is the one who accomplishes healing and restoration. Therefore, we work from a place of authenticity, seeking to be real in every setting and with every veteran warrior.

How Can We Help You?

Are you a veteran warrior seeking help & support?

To begin the process of finding help and support through ORW, click the button and fill out the form, and our team will be in touch with you to learn more about you and how we can help at this time. Don’t wait. If you need support, start now.

Warriors Start Here

Are you a friend or family member seeking help for a veteran?

We know all about the sensitivities and complexities of helping a veteran warrior in your life. We can help. To begin the process, click the button and fill out the form, and our team will be in touch to learn more about you and how we can help at this time.

Support Starts Here

In the words of our veteran warriors, their families and friends, and leaders of our community and nation.