Alumni Stories

Rare Bird Film Project (ft. Bill, Jimmy, & Shannon)

ORW Alum, Shane Sooter (Filmmaker & Director), with Rare Bird, created this film sharing the stories of three military veterans. Bill (USAF Pararescueman), Jimmy (Navy SEAL), and Shannon (Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer), each share what life was like before attending a Drop Zone and how Jesus brought healing and restoration through it.

ORW Alum Short Stories - Troy

Troy was a USAF Pararescueman (PJ) who found himself battling negative effects from his time in service and experiences in life. After his Drop Zone, he shared about his time with us and offers advice for those interested in attending a Drop Zone.

NFL Super Bowl Champion Finds Healing & Restoration

Two time Super Champion and New York Giant Offensive Tackle, Nate Solder, attended an ORW NFL Drop Zone and experienced profound healing and restoration in his heart and life. Check out what he had to say about his time with Operation Restored Warrior.

ORW Alum Short Stories - Tony

Colorado Firefighter, Tony, brought all his troubles, worries, and pain from life to Jesus and had his heart healed and life restored.

ORW Alum Short Stories - Adam

LEO & Air Force veteran, Adam, came looking for something from Jesus at his Drop Zone....and he found it.

ORW Alum Short Stories - Mike

Mike is a retired military veteran having flown as a pilot in both the Navy and Air Force. Listen as he shares about his Drop Zone experience.

ORW Alum Short Stories - Bob

After 20 years in the United States Coast Guard, Bob found he was in need of much more than he thought. Even with a church background, Bob struggled to communicate and connect well with his wife and children. Not knowing what to expect, Bob attended a Drop Zone and encountered Jesus in a life changing way.