Meet Our Men's Leadership Team

Paul Lavelle, CMSgt, USAF, (Ret), MSC
Founder and President

Paul Lavelle, CMSgt, USAF (Ret), MSC is the Founder and President of Operation Restored Warrior (ORW), a ministry dedicated to stopping the veteran suicide epidemic gripping our nation. Serving for 26 years on active duty in the United States Air Force Medical/Dental Service, Paul served in major commands and senior leadership positions, culminating his career at the 10th Medical Group at the United States Air Force Academy, where he retired in 2001.
He is the recipient of several military decorations and medals and earned a Masters Degree in Counseling, from the University of Phoenix.

Jimmy Watson, Navy SEAL (Ret), USMC, BS
Chief Operating Officer

Jimmy Watson, NSW/USN (Ret) is the Chief Operating Officer of Operation Restored Warrior.  His military career in special operations encompass leading teams in high threat environments on multiple warfronts. Jimmy began active-duty service as a United States Marine assisting in the recovery of victims at the USS Cole, and fighting the war on terrorism. He transitioned to private military contracting and held multiple leadership positions in Blackwater USA as a GS-13 for the Department of State mission. He enlisted into the United States Navy to become a Navy SEAL and graduated BUDS Class 283. Jimmy held multiple designations as a Naval Special Warfare Operator. He is the recipient of several military decorations and medals to include the Blackwater Silver Defense Medal for heroism. Jimmy holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from the University of Charleston, West Virginia. He retired in 2017 and held multiple senior executive leadership positions at Team McAfee culminating his time as President of Team McAfee.    

Rev. Jordan Fulton, SGT, US Army, (Ret), MSc
Executive Director of Operations & Drop Zone Lead

Jordan is the Executive Director of Operations and Drop Zone Lead for Operation Restored Warrior. He served as an Infantryman at the 101st Airborne Air Assault Division and at the 3rd Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard. Jordan was a 240B gunner during his time at the 101st, and was a casket team leader responsible for rendering final honors at burials for both fallen active duty soldiers and veterans while standing stationed at The Old Guard.

John C. Williams, CWO4, USCG, (Ret)
Director, Drop Zone Administration & Drop Zone Facilitator

John is the Director of Drop Zone Administration and a Drop Zone Facilitator for Operation Restored Warrior.  He retired as a Chief Warrant Officer of the United States Coast Guard having served as a member of the Presidential Honor Guard, conducting various ceremonies to include full honors, funerals, and Presidential Inaugurations.  John became an Aviation Survival Technician (Helicopter Rescue Swimmer) with numerous rescues during the most challenging conditions such as Hurricane Katrina earning commendations and being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. The last fourteen years of his active duty career were spent as a Criminal Investigator before retiring over 30 years of service in 2021.

Shane Sooter
Director, Donor Development

Shane is a gifted creator and professional storyteller who is honored to have found a place in this community of warriors. Over the past two decades working as a writer and director for Christian television, Shane has produced more than 20 original series spanning the disciplines of drama, reality TV, and documentary, as well as two feature films. Now as part of the Operation Restored Warrior team, Shane uses his skills to share the ORW vision, showing people everywhere how they can find their place in this miraculous story of healing and restoration.

Stephane Ughetto
Master Chef

Stephane serves as a master chef for Operation Restored Warrior and has many years of culinary experience and training.  His love for food began when he was young, having been raised by a French father who was an accomplished chef.  He taught Stephane many things about the art of food.

Daniel Strong, SSgt, USMC, (Ret)
Drop Zone Facilitator

Daniel is a Drop Zone Facilitator for Operation Restored Warrior and a retired Staff Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps. He served as an infantryman with numerous deployments including combat tours in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom earning commendations and awards including medals for valor and a Purple Heart. Daniel was wounded in combat from an IED explosion during his last deployment in Iraq in 2008.  He was medically evacuated back to the United States where he spent eighteen months recovering and then was medically retired from active duty. He currently serves as a Marine Instructor teaching Marine Corps Junior ROTC at his local high school.

Bill Strouse, MSgt, USAF, (Ret)
Drop Zone Facilitator

Bill is a Drop Zone Facilitator at Operation Restored Warrior and a retired Master Sergeant of the United States Air Force with eighteen years of service Pararescueman (PJ), including several deployments with combat operations in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa.  As a combat PJ, Bill served on active duty, reserves, and the Alaska Air National Guard earning PJ of the Year and SNCO of the Year in 2013. He is also the recipient of the Air Medal with Valor for combat action in Afghanistan.

T. Michael Elrod, Commander, USAF/USN, USNR, (Ret)
Drop Zone Facilitator

Mike is a Drop Zone Facilitator for Operation Restored Warrior and a retired military aviator having served 28 years collectively in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Navy Reserve. Mike’s time in the Air Force & Navy involved service to Pacific, Asian, and European theatres as well as support in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He was also a test pilot for Northrop Aircraft. In addition to his military service, Mike also retired with 21 years of service as a Captain at Northwest Airlines.

Bob Watson, PO1, USCG, (Ret)
Drop Zone Facilitator

Bob Watson is a Drop Zone Facilitator for Operation Restored Warrior and a retired Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer with twenty years of service.  His first rescue was a sinking boat and six people in a raft.  He was told he had seventeen minutes and the helo was going to have to go home. After getting all six onboard the helicopter in fourteen minutes, he realized the importance of being in top shape both physically and mentally.  Bob took what he learned and that passion shaped his career and his leadership. He ended his career in Elizabeth City, NC training the next generation to include his son!

Tim Farley, SSgt, USMC / LEO (Ret)
Drop Zone Facilitator

Tim is a Drop Zone Facilitator with Operation Restored Warrior, retired law enforcement officer, and veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  He served as an M1A1 Abrams Tank Mechanic and an M88A2 Hercules vehicle commander from 1998 to 2004 and deployed to Iraq in 2003 for combat operations during OIF 1 as part of 2nd Tank Battalion, 1stMarDiv assigned to Task Force Tarawa.  After departing the Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant, Tim began a career as a law enforcement officer in upstate New York and has served as a patrol officer, investigator, and academy instructor before retiring in 2021.

Troy Thompson, USAF Veteran
Drop Zone Facilitator

Troy is a Drop Zone Facilitator at Operation Restored Warrior and a veteran of the United States Air Force after serving 6 years as a Pararescueman (PJ) with 2 combat deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Through his service he earned the rank of Staff Sergeant and received the Air Medal with Valor device for combat action in Afghanistan. After separating form active duty, Troy continued to serve his community as a Nationally Registered Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, and currently works as a Physician Assistant in Emergency, family and addiction medicine.

Shannon Rusch, US Navy SEAL
Drop Zone Facilitator

Shannon is a Drop Zone Facilitator for Operation Restored Warrior and has extensive experience in communications, team leadership, and the delivery of solid results in high-stress environments. With experience as a United States Navy SEAL and a record of success in deployments to mitigate terrorism and narcotics trafficking throughout Central and South America.  As the Founder and Principle of SilentShadow USA Inc., Shannon brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to his roles as a trainer, speaker, and consultant for tactical and firearms skills development.


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